I am a Parent

I moved my family to Newport News because it offers the best education for my children. I want every child to experience the wealth of opportunities that a public education in Newport News provided for my kids. I have also mentored my nephews and nieces over the past twenty years (one shown above). These experiences give me a balanced perspective and a stake in this journey towards better schools for all of our children. I will be responsive to families because I understand how critical family support is to the success of a child.

I am an Educator

I have taught in Newport News Public Schools, Thomas Nelson Community College, and Christopher Newport University. I have seen the entirety of our local education system from the eyes of a teacher. I know how hard our teachers work and the sacrifices that they make to inspire, shape, and direct students into a promising tomorrow because I've done it. I will work to make sure that teachers have all the support and tools they need for success. I will support policies that ensure that we retain our best teachers and attract the brightest teachers from the next generation.

I am an Employer

As a Director of Data Science, I manage the careers of people working in Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics (STEM). I see firsthand, every day, what it takes for students to succeed in the real world. I know for a fact that companies are hiring but there is a skill gap, i.e. not enough students with the right skills. I believe that makes me uniquely qualified to help our schools prepare students for the STEM jobs available in our local economy.