Let's set high expectations and increase learning time to boost graduation rates

Challenge our kids- Expect more from kids and don't be surprised when they rise to the occasion. By expecting more the impossible becomes more possible.

  • Every child should finish a high school class before they leave middle school
  • Every child should take Honors, Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate courses nationally recognized for their rigor and difficulty.

Earn high school credit in middle school

Take and pass an Honors/AP/IB course

Keep our kids learning- Let's expand the learning day for kids so we can get more work done. Whether it's after school, Saturday school, or summer school just keep learning. That means feeding kids breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the summertime during our Summer Program for Art Recreation & Knowledge- a nationally award winning program. That means offering kids before school and after school opportunities to stay engaged during the year through our 21st Century Learning grant.

NNPS Extended Learning 2017 [720p].mp4

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Celebrate our kids- As a community we can and should support academic as well as athletic competitions.

  • Every child should be in some competitive club or activity throughout the year. Let's cheer on our own children in national math, writing, reading, and other academic events. Competitions make learning fun; build community pride; and allow kids to master skills they might otherwise not gain in the classroom.

Participate in an activity

How we are getting there... Graduation rates are now above the state average after implementing the initiatives from my 2014 campaign.