Let's Focus on Advanced Math to Build A Science Technology Engineering & Math (STEM) Workforce Ready For The 21st Century

Reduce unemployment for life

There are courses that hedge students against unemployment for life. In fact, students who complete Algebra II are 50% more likely to be employed than their counterparts (James 2013)

"The Surprising Impact of High School Math on Job Market Outcomes", James 2013. Fed Reserve.

Get Kids Career Ready

"The Hidden STEM Economy," Brookings Institute, 2013. Metropolitan Policy Program.

Math is the foundation for STEM whether kids go to college or pursue a trade. Hampton Roads boasts 151,490 STEM jobs, as reported by the Brookings Institute. Those STEM jobs pay well.

In fact, they pay an average of $63K per year as of 2013. The critical enabler of those jobs is Math which is the gateway to science, technology, and engineering.

How we are getting there

Percentage of students who finish Algebra I before they enter High School

Percentage of students earning 4 Credits of Math and Science before graduating

Every student gets an Industry Certification that prepares them for a STEM job before graduating